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How Posting on Social Media Could Hurt Your Car Accident Claim

In our modern world, it isn’t unusual for people to overshare and tell the public details about their life that would have stayed private information just two decades earlier. When it comes to accident claims, keeping the details of your life close to your chest ensures that the insurance company cannot use this information to […]

Best Ways to Document Pain and Suffering After a Car Accident

Car accidents can affect you in many ways, both physically and mentally. If you were injured in a car crash because of someone else’s negligence, you deserve compensation for your losses. In some cases, you may receive an award of compensation for pain and suffering. However, pain and suffering compensation is subjective. It can be […]

The Pros and Cons of Having a Will

A last will and testament, or “will,” is one of the most popular options Texans use to plan their estate. When you write a will, you appoint a personal representative (“executor”) to oversee your estate and provide them with specific directions to distribute your property after you pass away. While a will can be a […]

What Rights Do Creditors Have Against My Estate?

Deciding how your assets should be distributed after you pass can help to reduce the risk of unnecessary stress for the loved ones you leave behind. However, as you work to protect the best interests of your heirs, it is important to remember that any debts you have upon your death will need to be […]

Everything You Need to Know About Your Assault Charge

Assault is a serious criminal offense in Texas. You could face significant penalties, such as imprisonment and fines. Even if the case gets dismissed or the jury acquits you of the charges, the arrest alone is enough to affect your life negatively. The stigma could follow you and interfere with your ability to find employment […]

What Not to Say to an Insurance Adjuster

Since someone else caused your injuries in a car crash, you can pursue compensation to cover your losses. It’s your right to do so. In the meantime, you want to be sure that you don’t do anything to hurt your potential personal injury claim. Being injured in an accident isn’t something anyone is prepared for. […]

Five Reasons Why You Need an LLC

There is a range of benefits to forming an LLC, whether you’re starting a new business or restructuring an established company. An Austin Business Formation Lawyer at the  can help you understand how this type of entity works and why it is vital to create your LLC the right way to protect yourself, your business, and your interests. […]

What You Need to Know About a DWI

Driving while under the influence is a serious charge and being convicted of the crime comes with significant consequences. A DWI conviction can impact your ability to drive, your employment opportunities, your housing options, and more. Additionally, a DWI conviction could threaten your liberty, given the possible penalty of jail time. If you’re charged with […]

Can I Text My Child When They Are with My Ex?

As tempting as it is to text your child when they’re spending time with your ex, you should be extremely careful before pushing that “send” button. Anything you send to your child could potentially be read by your former spouse and used against you in a custody dispute. If you repeatedly text your child during […]

Can You Get Married on a Visitor Visa?

The short answer to this complex question is yes, you can get married to someone who has entered the U.S. on a visitor visa. Generally, anyone from a foreign country enters the U.S. with a visa. The type of visa they are granted is based on the intent of their visit. A non-immigrant visa designates […]

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