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EB-1 First Preference – Employment Based Immigration

Individuals who fall into one of the following categories may apply for a First Preference Employment Based Immigration EB-1 (Green Card):

Advantages of this Application Process

With its designation as “First Preference,” this category of employment-based preferences is given a significant advantage over other employment-based categories for application. Critically, Labor Certification (PERM) is not required for EB-1 First Preference applicants. Additionally, the highly-skilled foreign workers (with the exception of workers from India and China) that fall into this category have been allowed to file their petitions and applications for EB-1 designation immediately, without having to wait for numerical availability, since 1990.

As the United States is likely to continue to give preference to these highly skilled and desirable workers, the immediate availability that EB-1 designation affords applicants is likely to continue for foreign workers from applicable countries. To learn more, contact an Austin immigration lawyer and discuss whether you may file for EB-1 First Preference – Employment Based Immigration.

Family Members

For individuals who receive EB-1 First Preference – Employment Based Immigration status, their spouse and children, so long as they are unmarried and under 21, are also eligible to receive green cards should they choose to accompany the main beneficiary of the EB-1 status.


The Austin legal team at the William Jang, PLLC, is well experienced in the representation of both companies and individuals who are attempting to secure EB-1 First Preference Employment Based Immigration Permanent Residency (Green Cards). To contact one of our Austin-based immigration lawyers today, please call .

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