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If you are seeking a non-immigration employment-based visa to pursue your business interests within the United States, you may need the assistance of an experienced visa lawyer to ensure the success of your application. The United States offers numerous visa options for those who wish to work, represent their business, or invest within the country. However, the visa process is often very complex, and such complexity can lead to delays, extra expenses, and even outright rejection of your application. When the success of your business or work prospects require you to spend a significant amount of time in the United States, there’s no room for error. You need to make sure your visa is processed successfully and as quickly as possible.

To achieve that, you will need the services of the Law Office of William Jang, PLLC. We provide dedicated, experienced visa assistance that can help you avoid all the common and uncommon mistakes that slow down your visa processing or get your application rejected altogether. We will know which visa you need, the process you have to go through to get it, and what those processing your visa need to streamline your approval. We want to get you to America as soon as possible so that you can pursue your non-immigration employment goals successfully. If you need more certainty and speed when applying for a non-immigration employment-based visa, contact the Austin-based Law Office of William Jang, PLLC today at (512) 323-2333.

Why You Need a Lawyer’s Help with Your Visa

The American visa process is complicated, expensive, and time-consuming, even in the best of circumstances. A mistake or inconsistency in your application or interview can result in your visa being delayed or rejected outright. When it comes to your work, your business, or your investments, you do not have the time or the money to wait as you deal with mistakes or reapply for your visa.

To avoid these potential difficulties, you will need to contact an experienced visa lawyer. Your attorney will provide you with a more thorough understanding of the process ahead and help you gather the right evidence and documentation, prepare for any interviews, and fill out applications thoroughly and correctly the first time. At the same time, they can address any unexpected slow-down or a lack of clarity when working with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

With a lawyer assisting you, you’ll discover that the application process for your non-immigration employment-based visa is faster, smoother, and ultimately cheaper than if you had attempted to do it on your own.

Law Office of William Jang, PLLC Understands the Law and Your Visa Requirements

The American visa process is notoriously slow and difficult to understand. While you may spend months listening to USCIS assure you that your visa is pending, your business and business opportunities won’t wait forever for USCIS to grant you the visa you need. To cut through these delays and difficulties, you need the extensive help of an experienced and dedicated visa attorney. A lawyer can help you avoid delays, tell you where the delays are coming from, and advise you how to overcome them.

The lawyers at Law Office of William Jang, PLLC provide our clients with decades of experience overcoming difficulties associated with non-immigrant employment visas. We can work with individuals and companies to strengthen your visa case and help organize your application and information so that the process goes smoothly. We understand how crucial it is for you to get your visa as quickly as possible. We provide every client with dedicated, focused assistance, no matter the difficulties you are facing with your visa.

Types of Non-Immigrant Employment Visas

A non-immigrant employment visa allows a foreign citizen to enter the United States for a set amount of time to engage in different business activities. The United States provides a large number of employment-based non-immigration visa options. While this allows for a wider variety of individuals to travel and stay in America for work purposes, it also makes it far harder for those who need a visa to know which visa to apply for or how to apply for it.

Because each visa comes with different requirements, expectations, and limitations, it is crucial you understand the basics before applying. Thankfully, Law Office of William Jang, PLLC can help you decide on the right visa for your business needs and then help you apply successfully for that visa.
The following are some of the many non-immigration visas we can help you apply for:

  • H-1B Speciality Workers: A visa reserved for those with specialized knowledge, training, or skills. The applicant must already have a job offer before applying. The visa requires at least a bachelor’s degree and is subject to an annual cap of 65,000 visas.
  • H-2B Temporary Workers: This visa provides access to non-agricultural work in the United States on a seasonal or temporary basis in positions that are currently understaffed. Applicants must show that they not only possess certain skills but that those skills are needed on a temporary basis within the country. This visa is subject to an annual cap of 66,000 visas. The length of the visa is determined by the nature of the work being done.
  • L-1A International Company Executive/Manager: This visa allows executives or managers who work for a foreign company to transfer to an American company that is a parent, subsidiary, or affiliate of the foreign company. The applicant must have worked for one continuous year in the last three for the international company. For the visa to remain valid, the companies must continue to do business together.
  • L-1B International Company Specialized Knowledge Worker: Similar to the L-1A visa, this visa allows for those who work for a foreign company and who possess specialized knowledge or training to transfer to the American parent, subsidiary, or affiliate company. The same stipulations apply to this visa, namely, that the employee must have worked for the foreign company for at least one continuous year in the last three and the international and American companies must continue to do business over the duration of the visa.
  • TN Visas for Canadian and Mexican Workers: This visa falls under the rules set by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Workers from Canada and Mexico can receive a TN visa to work for businesses based in the United States if they have training and skills related to those outlined in NAFTA. Workers must harbor no intention to stay permanently in America.
  • E-1 Treaty Traders and Essential Workers: To encourage stronger international trade ties with United States businesses, the E-1 visa allows certain individuals to come to the country with the goal of conducting significant business and trade. These individuals must work for companies that are based in countries with a trade agreement with the United States.
  • E-2 Treaty Investors: Investors from countries with a trade treaty with the United States can use this visa to come to the United States to invest in American businesses.
  • R-1 Religious Workers: This visa allows ministers and certain other religious workers to stay in the United States for a maximum of five years. Religious workers must prove a recognized religious organization authorizes them and that they intend to perform religious duties within the United States.
  • B-1 Temporary Business Investors: While a B-1 visa can last for just three months, some may be renewed for another six. The purpose of the visa is to allow employees representing a qualified foreign business to perform certain necessary tasks, such as negotiating contracts, providing a service, consulting or training parties within the United States, or to solicit sales.

Many of the visas listed above also allow visas for spouses and children to join the individual entering the country for work purposes. Each visa has different requirements for renewal and each renewal will have different limitations. Contact Law Office of William Jang, PLLC to discuss your visa and visa renewal options in more detail. We can help match you to the right visa and help you with your application.

Work with the Best Visa Lawyers in Austin

Business does not wait for anything, and that certainly includes delays with your visa. When you need to come to America for a crucial contract negotiation or a major investment, you need your visa quickly and you need the process to take as little of your time, concentration, and money as possible. If you are in need of a non-immigration employment-based visa, Law Office of William Jang, PLLC can help you with the process. Our non-immigration visa laweyrs can find you the right visa for your needs and guide you through the application process so you can avoid the obstacles between you and your business interests in the United States. Contact us at (512) 323-2333 to discuss the nature of your business interests so we can start the process today.

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Kalpesh Oza
Kalpesh Oza Mar 16, 2024

William is very powerful immigration lawyer. We applied from Australia and received our EB3 immigrant visa in the Sydney US Embassy. And we received our Green Card within a month after arriving in the US. Process was complicated and was not easy. He dealt with NVC and the Sydney US embassy to... Read More

ROMEO VELIAJ Feb 20, 2024

Highly recommend.

Angie Apo
Angie Apo Feb 02, 2024

The staff and Atty. Jang are very helpful and accommodating. I can personally attest how they helped my fiance and me in my visa journey! They will prepare everything for you. All you have to do is gather all the documents they needed and signed. They will do the rest. Visa already issued as I've... Read More

Apolonio Hernandez
Apolonio Hernandez Jan 31, 2024

Angie and I are super satisfied with the service we received from Law Office of William Jang and his staff. Mrs. S. Hernandez was extremely patient and efficient with our K-1 Visa application. I understand the chaos at the border was a drag on our process, but their work on our K-1... Read More

Rosalinda Gonzalez de Cardenas
Rosalinda Gonzalez de Cardenas Jan 25, 2024


Dorina Selenica
Dorina Selenica Jan 04, 2024

I Highly recommend Mr. Jang proved to be an exceptional advocate. Mr. Jang is an outstanding immigration lawyer who exceeded all our expectations. His expertise, patience, responsiveness, and genuine care for his clients make him an invaluable guide in navigating immigration law. Mr. Jang was very... Read More

Andrew Nov 03, 2023

William Jang and his team did an amazing job with our US spousal visa. They were friendly, helpful, and responsive to questions. They drafted documents effectively and offered clear guidance throughout, managing expectations well. We will certainly continue to use them for future immigration legal... Read More

Andrew Sherrod
Andrew Sherrod Oct 09, 2023

Highly recommend. Not only is William very affordable compared to most of this competitors, but I also got my green card in record time (just under 3 months), even though my case was not cut and dry. A++

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